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The effectiveness of your study sessions can play a big role in determining the grades on your tests. That's why you should try to have study sessions that are as successful as possible. If this is your aim, then you should definitely avoid the following study practices that could derail your efforts.

What Not to Do When Studying

Being Negative

The first mistake you can make when studying is having negative thoughts about the situation. Your mind can get in your own way, so learn to think positively and trust in your own abilities.


When it gets out of control, procrastination can be dangerous for students. This is because it compels you to waste precious resources in things that don't matter at the moment, instead of focusing on learning. Avoid it when you should be studying.


You may feel lazy, overwhelmed, or uninterested in your studies. Whatever the case, cheating isn't the answer. Work on your assignments on your own so you have a chance to learn and develop academically.


Finally, don't use 'cramming the night before a test' as your go-to study method. It is highly ineffective, as you probably won't remember much of what you learned the night prior, and you will be too tired from staying up to do well on your tests. Instead, study days in advance.

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