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Developing good organizational habits can make a big difference in students' academic performance. If your child is having difficulty keeping track of assignments or managing their time, keep reading this post from The Tutoring Center, Friendswood, TX, for some helpful tips on how to help them improve their organizational skills.

Helping Your Child to Develop Organizational Skills

  • First, teach your child any task can be divided into smaller, more manageable steps. To apply this tip, start with a simple task; for example, you can teach your child the steps involved in making a sandwich or brushing their teeth. Learning to break down any task into steps will help your child tackle any complex project or task in an organized and planned way.
  • Next, consider encouraging your child to make to-do lists every morning; they can use a notepad or a digital task manager on their cell phone to do this; the important thing is that they get into the habit of writing down their to-do's every day.
  • Once your child is in the habit of making to-do lists, you can introduce them to planners. As you may already know, a planner is an agenda organizer that your child can use to mark test dates, keep track of assignments, jot down ideas, and improve their time management and productivity.
  • Establishing a routine can help your child stay organized, so make sure they do their homework every day at the same time, clean their desk and backpack regularly, and have a bedtime routine.
  • Having an appropriate place to do homework and study at home is also critical for your child to develop organizational skills, so designate the quietest area in your home as a study space.
  • Finally, praise your child's efforts to stay organized every time they complete their to-do lists, when you find their desk tidy, or when they follow their school routine smoothly. Remember that your support means a lot to them; moreover, positive encouragement will help keep them motivated, productive, and organized.

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