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Unless you have an excellent memory, you need to take notes in order to study and learn what the teacher taught you in class. To guarantee that your notes will be a helpful study tool, follow the tips mentioned below.

How to Take Notes that Will Help You Study

  1. You need to start with an organized and clean notebook, so you can focus on your studying. To that end, have a notebook for each of your subjects, and avoid doodling or making multiple mistakes.
  2. A challenge students face when writing notes is keeping up with what the teacher is saying. To be ready to write at a moment's notice, have your writing supplies handy.
  3. Another strategy you can follow to be a time-efficient note taker is to have a plan. This can include using known abbreviations and writing down main ideas to save some time.
  4. While being fast is necessary, you shouldn't forget that, above all, your notes need to be comprehensible. To that end, make them legible and clear, so you don't get confused while studying.
  5. Undoubtedly, as you're taking notes, you notice that some information is more important than other. To make that information more eye-catching when you're studying, highlight it.
  6. Last, to guarantee your notes are perfect, you need to go over them after you're done writing them. If something isn't clear, ask a classmate or your teacher to clarify right away.

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