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Reading often can bring you a slew of benefits. In order to reap them all, follow the tips below to become an avid reader.

How to Read More

  1. First up, create reading goals that can challenge you and motivate you to become an avid reader. For example, set the goal to read 10 pages each day.
  2. A strategy that you can employ to help you stay accountable, is to tell others that you have a reading goal, so you feel pressured to keep it up.
  3. If you want to guarantee that you'll read more, then you need to have a book with you at all times, so you can read it whenever possible.
  4. It's also advised that you read more than one book at the same time. Doing so will allow you to change books according to your mood.
  5. Aside from reading more in quantity, you should also read more new material. This means opting for new genres and reading material you haven't tried before.
  6. Even if you're often told you shouldn't do it, know when to quit a book that's not interesting you, as it can derail your reading efforts.
  7. Take advantage of the different platforms on which you can read (from physical books, to tablets, and audiobooks).
  8. Finally, it's a great idea to have someone to share what you're reading with. Through this exercise, it's likely that you'll find reading to be a more enriching and enjoyable experience.

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