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Areas That Are Prone to the Summer Learning Loss and How Tutoring Can Help

Without an intentional focus on learning, the summer can become an educational hazard. Students need to be guided in the right direction and they support in order to make educational progress and not fall behind during the summer.  There are two main areas that are strongly affected by a learning loss during the summer: math and reading. To help your child avoid falling behind, we want to explain why these two areas need extra attention during the summer months.

Subjects That Require Extra Focus During the Summer

  • Reading. During the summer the area that tends to be most affected by a learning loss is reading. Around three months worth of reading skills are lost in the summer due to a lack of practice. Not reading during the summer causes students to fall behind on important reading skills. Students need to focus on reading all summer long or they will struggle to catch up as the next school year arrives. Make a summer reading list for your child to complete and have them earn small prizes after they read each book. You can even have family reading evenings, where you share snacks and read out loud.
  • Math. The summer learning loss affects student's math comprehension. All the math information learned over the period of two to three months can be quickly forgotten over the summer. Playing math games and practicing math skills can help avoid this regression. Click here, to read more about some important math concepts and how you can help your child practice.

Tutoring in Friendswood Helps Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Tutoring is a great way to achieve great results over the summer. Many tutoring programs are remedial, but offer fun ways to also help students get ahead. At The Tutoring Center, Friendswood TX, we can help your child become a more well-rounded student this summer. Contact us today at  (281) 488-0101.


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