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Every student has their preferred study method. If you like to study using a highlighter, then this post is perfect for you, as it will teach you some tips on how you can have more effective study sessions with your highlighter.

How to Study With a Highlighter

  1. First and foremost, you should be aware that your highlighter is meant to be a study aid and not a study method in itself. Highlighting information won't help you learn, but it can be of great assistance if you're, for example, taking notes.
  2. There are yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and orange highlighters. Use a different color to emphasize a certain type of information. This will help you keep your notes more organized, as you will be able to tell what you have to learn at a glance (e.g. use blue for dates).
  3. If you want to avoid confusion during your study sessions, then something that you absolutely shouldn't do is use your highlighters to write, scribble, or doodle. The bright colors will pull your attention away from the study material.
  4. Finally, it's strongly suggested that you highlight with care. This is because, if you highlight everything, nothing will stand out. Highlight only after you've read the text a couple of times and you know what's truly important.

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