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Math Concepts That Should Be Memorized for Better Math Proficiency

Math tends to get a bad reputation, but the root of the problem may be that it just requires extra attention and more practice than other subjects. In a previous post we discussed some quick tips to help you encourage your child to do better in math, but now we want to focus on the essential terms that need to be mastered in order to improve and do better in further math levels.

Math Basics That Need to be Mastered

  • Math Facts. Even young children can start learning to memorize math facts once they have a strong understanding of certain math foundations. If a child understands the concept of quantity, has a good level of number recognition and understanding of operations then he/she can start drilling math facts. Start with simple math facts such as 5+5 =10, 5-3 =2, before moving on to division math facts such as 8/2=4. A good way to get them started at home is by posting large flashcards with math facts around the house. This is especially great for visual learners.
  • Times Tables.  Many of the problems that students face as they reach higher grades and advance in math are that they struggle with equations not because they don't understand anything, but because they don't know their times tables well enough. Helping students practice at home and thoroughly know their times tables is a great way to help your child improve in math. You can even use games or make it a game by popping them questions throughout the day, such as 3 times 8 is what? If they answer quickly and correctly most of the questions of the day they get some sort of reward, such as getting to pick what movie to watch at night or a free pass for not washing the dishes or any sort of reward you see fit.

Enhance Math Skills With Tutoring in Friendswood

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