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In today's world, in which people are constantly communicating through the written word, having strong grammar skills becomes all the more important.  If you notice your child has a challenging time with this, you can employ the tips below to help them strengthen their grammar skills.

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Grammar Skills

  1. The first tip is to encourage your child to read often. Reading gives your child the opportunity to develop their grammar skills through example. If they read material from skilled writers, they would be having lessons on how to employ the English language like an expert.
  2. When your child reads, they practice their grammar in a passive way. However, they also need a more active approach to truly sharpen them. To that end, motivate them to write frequently, as writing will allow them to put the lessons they learned into practice.
  3. A quick tip that can help your child practice their grammar skills both passively and actively is talking to them. They can learn from you as you talk, and they can put their own skills into good use as they do (just be sure to correct their mistakes).
  4. Finally, you can also give your child practice material so they can work on their grammar. You can print practice sheets, download online games, or use apps to help your child improve grammatically.

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