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This month gives us all the opportunity for a fresh new start. It encourages adults to work on their New Year's resolution and gives children the chance to set goals. Take advantage of the goal-setting spirit this month and help your child reach their academic goals with the following tips.

Simple Tips That Will Help Your Child Reach Their Goals Faster

  • Lead with the example. Learning to achieve a goal is a habit that needs to be built. It becomes second nature once children are exposed to the concept and constantly engage in the process. That is why it is important that parents engage their children in their own goal-setting process and that they demonstrate what it means to follow through on their goals.
  • Make it fun. We all know that children learn best when they are having fun. The same goes for setting goals. Children are much more likely to achieve their objectives when they are having a good time. This doesn't mean that reaching goals is an easy task. It is without a doubt challenging, but the process can be made more interactive. For example, you can make a poster for them to chart their progress, write the tasks they need to regularly complete in order to get closer to their goal, and then give them stickers to put up every time they complete the tasks. If the goal is a long-term goal, break it down into milestones and let them have a treat or some sort of small reward every time they reach a new milestone.

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