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Start Discussing College with Your Child This Summer

You don't have to wait until your child is a teenager in high school to start talking about college. In fact, the sooner the better and the more likely they are to go to college when the time comes. Take advantage of the summer to spark your child's interest in college and get them started on the right path towards higher education.

How to Use This Summer to Encourage Your Child to Become College Bound

  • Allow your child to understand that college is more than just another school, it is an experience. It is a place where they finally get to learn specifically what they want. Talk about the fact that most of their classes are centered on learning things of their choice and they have all kinds of interesting classes to choose from.
  • Make this summer a fun college experience by taking your child to visit some of the best college and university campuses. Many colleges offer tours and summer activities for children, so take advantage of this and let your child spend some time at a college campus.
  • Actively encourage your child to view college as a great way to pursue their dream job and ideal career. Help your child explore their interests and career options by taking them on excursions to different job sectors.
  • There are several programs that focus on letting children experience different work environments, such as the court room, a hospital, or even a science lab. Research online to see if there are any of these programs or companies near you that give guided tours of how they function and the type of professionals that work there (engineers, scientists, etc.)
  • Don't let your child fall behind in the summer. Make every summer about learning and encourage them to read or participate in activities that not only get them closer to college but that they can enjoy. Summer camps and reading programs are a great indirect way to help your child get closer to being college bound.

Impulse Your Child Towards the College Path with Tutoring in Friendswood TX

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