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Students Need to Learn Better Listening and Learning Skills

The fact is that good listening skills are one of the most important learning abilities. They are necessary not only to do well in an academic setting but also in other areas of life. Even though this is one of the most essential and...

Benefits of Homework

Homework tends to get a bad reputation. However, there is more to it than just keeping students busy after school. There is a reason why homework is given and it is actually quite beneficial for students, helpful for parents, and a great way for teachers to assess...
This month gives us all the opportunity for a fresh new start. It encourages adults to work on their New Year's resolution and gives children the chance to set goals. Take advantage of the goal-setting spirit this month and help your child reach their academic goals with the following tips.



How to Help Your Child Spend Their Time Wisely This Winter Break

While winter break is a great way to spend time relaxing and enjoying the holidays, it is still important that students don't slack off. It is important to find a balance between relaxing and spending this winter break in a...

Reduce Math and Science Struggles

In a previous post, we mentioned that math can be among the most challenging subjects in school. However, along with math, some students have an equally hard time with science. Science and math are both subjects that can be hard to comprehend without a strong...

Simple Steps to Start Getting Involved in Your Child's Education

In a previous post we discussed the importance of talking to your child and establishing good communication regarding the new school year. However, helping your child do well in school goes further than that. Start taking the next...
Communication is the key to success in most areas of our lives. You need to communicate with your child early on in the school year and make clear what you expect of him/her. Do not wait until the middle of the semester when they are struggling to talk to them.

Tips for Talking to Your Child...


Start Getting Ready For the School Year With This Expert Advice

Pretty soon it will be back to school time, and for most, this means drastic changes. During the summer many children become used to staying up late, having a more carefree routine, and just relaxing. This is good because it gives...

Areas That Are Prone to the Summer Learning Loss and How Tutoring Can Help

Without an intentional focus on learning, the summer can become an educational hazard. Students need to be guided in the right direction and they support in order to make educational progress and not fall behind during the...

Understanding Prepositions and Conjunctions With Tutoring Help

When we look at a sentence, most of us don't immediately start pulling it apart and identifying the parts of speech. For the most part, we are able to notice when something in that sentence just doesn´t sound right. Each part of...


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