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Communication is the key to success in most areas of our lives. You need to communicate with your child early on in the school year and make clear what you expect of him/her. Do not wait until the middle of the semester when they are struggling to talk to them.

Tips for Talking to Your Child...


Start Getting Ready For the School Year With This Expert Advice

Pretty soon it will be back to school time, and for most, this means drastic changes. During the summer many children become used to staying up late, having a more carefree routine, and just relaxing. This is good because it gives...

Areas That Are Prone to the Summer Learning Loss and How Tutoring Can Help

Without an intentional focus on learning, the summer can become an educational hazard. Students need to be guided in the right direction and they support in order to make educational progress and not fall behind during the...

Understanding Prepositions and Conjunctions With Tutoring Help

When we look at a sentence, most of us don't immediately start pulling it apart and identifying the parts of speech. For the most part, we are able to notice when something in that sentence just doesn´t sound right. Each part of...
There are many abilities that need to be mastered in order to do well in school. We previously mentioned how healthy habits promote better memorization, but today we want to discuss how the working memory can help or affect learning.

What the Working Memory Is

The working memory is like a mental...
In a previous post we discussed an important way to boost concentration and memory. Today we want to dig a little deeper and explain a few habits that can also play a large role in how well students can learn and memorize information.

Healthy Habits Build a Better Memory

Research has shown that...

Math Concepts That Should Be Memorized for Better Math Proficiency

Math tends to get a bad reputation, but the root of the problem may be that it just requires extra attention and more practice than other subjects. In a previous post we discussed some quick tips to help you encourage your child...

Turn Everyday Tasks Into Learning Activities

You can help your child enjoy learning by making it a part of your daily routine. The best learning experiences happen from the educational opportunities created by everyday tasks. That is why today at the Tutoring Center in Friendswood we want to...

Ways to Increase Concentration and Boost Memory

Creating healthy eating habits is one the most important ways to help children do well in school and throughout their academic life. Today at the Tutoring Center in Friendswood we want to discuss how the right types of food and good eating...

Tutoring to Improve Your Child´s Reading

One of the most important skills in life and in school is reading. Reading is an excruciatingly important skill used every day and is essential for doing well in life. At The Tutoring Center in Friendswood we provide the best program to help your...


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