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While being focused in the classroom is one of the main responsibilities students have, it can be challenging at times. If you struggle with paying attention to what the teacher is saying, follow the tips in the post below.

How to Pay Attention in Class

  1.  Begin by leading a healthier lifestyle, since your brain needs to be strong in order to be able to focus when you're in class.
  2. You can prepare mentally before you step into the classroom. Rid yourself of negative or intrusive thoughts and get ready to focus.
  3. Keep any distractions at bay: put away your cell phone, books, magazines, or other items that aren't related to the class.
  4. Mind where you sit: choose a desk at the front and center of the classroom, away from friends, windows, and doors.
  5. You should also be aware of your posture: sit up straight and face forward to be more receptive to what you should be learning.
  6. Take notes during class. Aside from giving you study material, this will force you to pay attention to what the teacher is saying.
  7. Make an effort to participate in class. Listen to others and share your ideas to have a more fulfilling learning experience.
  8. Lastly, if you can't find it in you to pay attention one day, try not to distract your classmates and teachers who are there to work.

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