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There are many abilities that need to be mastered in order to do well in school. We previously mentioned how healthy habits promote better memorization, but today we want to discuss how the working memory can help or affect learning.

What the Working Memory Is

The working memory is like a mental notepad where the information is written down and worked with. A perfect example of the working memory in action is when we do quick math problems in our mind. For example, if we are told to subtract 340 from 550, some of us would mentally draw the 550-340 in our minds and visually complete the equation that way, others would say it out loud such as zero minus zero is zero, five minus four is one and five minus three is two, therefore the answer is two hundred and ten. Either way, the mental memory is being used to do this in our mind. When there are working memory problems, it is as if there was very little space in that mental notepad and it is hard to write down the information and work with it.

Working Memory Problems and How to Help Improve Them With Tutoring

Children that have problems with the working memory will tend to battle with given tasks. They will struggle to complete these tasks and in many cases even abandon them because they lack the ability to retain the information and put it to use. It may seem these children are unable to focus and pay attention, but it is not always due to other learning deficits such as ADD, as it is commonly believed. Tutoring along with other mental exercises can help improve this and allow the working memory to become stronger.

Increased Learning With Tutoring in Friendswood

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