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Tutoring to Improve Your Child´s Reading

One of the most important skills in life and in school is reading. Reading is an excruciatingly important skill used every day and is essential for doing well in life. At The Tutoring Center in Friendswood we provide the best program to help your child become an excellent reader. Today we want to mention some important steps that are part of the process for learning how to read.

Steps in Teaching Children to Become Better Readers

  1. Create a love for reading. This first step into reading starts through learning about books and words and watching other read as well as listening to stories being read to them often.  This can start at a very young age through visits to the library and having an older sibling or parent read to them often and make it a fun activity.
  2. Build reading skills. This is the foundation to being able to read text and words that they may encounter, it is the technical part of reading and needs to be taught according to each child´s abilities. This includes learning words, spelling, and memorizing sight words according to their level and age. Reading skills are easier to build when a child is motivated and displays a love for reading.
  3. Teach reading comprehension. The most essential part of reading but often one that is overlooked, is understanding what is being read. It is important to equipt a child with the ability to understand the text by going over unknown words and building background knowledge so they are able to capture the meaning behind the words.
  4. Improve reading level and speed. Both the level and speed in which a child is able to read improves as the child reads more and more. Basically practice makes perfect and the more often a child reads the faster and better they get.

Professional Tutoring in Friendswood, TX

We offer the best tutoring methods to help your child learn to exceed their reading the level and quickly become outstanding students. To read more on the many benefits of one on one tutoring visit our post. Call (281) 488-0101 now for the most effective tutoring in Friendswood, TX.


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