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Ways to Encourage Your Child to Improve Math Skills

Mathematics is absolutely essential to your child's future. They will have to a certain level of math proficiency to complete daily tasks and mastery to do well on college entrance exams and future employment opportunities.

Math Concepts

Make sure your child understand basic math concepts and utilization in the day to day life. Use objects to allow your child to solve visually math problems.

Master the Basics

Mastery of a basic fact means your child can solve the problem in less than three seconds. Drilling with flashcards and constant repetition is required to achieve this goal.

Write Neatly

Twenty-five percent of errors in solving math problems stems from sloppy number writing. Encourage your child to improve their number writing skills by having them trace over numbers that you have written. It's best to use graph paper to keep the numbers in problems neatly aligned.

Math Everyday

Mathematics becomes more meaningful when your kids see how important it is in so many real-life situations. Encourage them to use math in practical ways.

Provide Help

Math is one subject in which everything builds upon what has been previously learned. Not Completely understanding a concept prevents your child from moving onto the next level. Provide the help your child needs in challenge subjects such as math.  

Tutoring in Friendswood

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