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In a previous post we discussed an important way to boost concentration and memory. Today we want to dig a little deeper and explain a few habits that can also play a large role in how well students can learn and memorize information.

Healthy Habits Build a Better Memory

Research has shown that those who constantly exercise and live active lifestyles have greater memory abilities than those with more sedentary habits. Nutrition is also a key factor in brain function, which means eating a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning and consecutive nutritious meals will be helpful. A nutritious meal is full of protein, omega fatty acids and moderate whole grains with very little or no simple sugars for better focus. Sleep is absolutely essential, the body and mind need to recover in order to properly function. It is during sleep that the brain can relax and store information for better retention.

Establish Study Habits for Your Child

There are also other important habits that play an important role in how well a student is able to  learn and retain the material that is taught. It is hard to remember things when there is no order or routine to the learning process. Study habits such as setting a regular study time and a homework/reading area where concentrating can be easier will also assist the memory and the learning process. Having a designated study routine and limiting (not eliminating) other less productive activities such as mindless television time can also help free up the time for more constructive activities, such as reading, writing, and even educational games that promote better memory.

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