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Play to Improve Your Child's Vocabulary and Spelling Skills

Scrabble is a fun way to improve your child's English, vocabulary, reading, and overall grammar skills. Scrabble may be the most popular word game around. It's designed for two to four players, and the object is to score points by forming words from lettered tiles on a game board. Everyone starts out with seven letter tiles and builds off the word constructions set out as the game progresses.

How To Play Scrabble

The words are formed across and down like a crossword puzzle, and you have to be able to find the word in a standard dictionary. Each letter is worth points, the number of points depends on the letter's frequency in standard English writing. There are other details that add scoring possibilities, like the premium squares that multiply the amount of points awarded for a letter. The better use you make of your letters, the better your score.

Scrabble as an Educational Tool

It's easy to see why Scrabble is not only fun, fab pastime but also a fantastic educational tool. Scrabble makes learning a game. It requires and builds strong vocabulary and spelling, but it also requires math (players need to see what plays are worth) and strategy (players need to see what plays are worth the most and what plays might keep their opponents from scoring), even spatial relations and probability. And if you play in teams, you have to work together. It's a great opportunity for children to teach and learn from each other. There's even a version of the classic word game devoted to mathematics, using formulas and equations instead of words.

The Social Perspective

Scrabble gives children a chance to play with letters and develop their interest in words. If a student is good at strategy, he stands a chance. The skills he lacks will grow, with his success. And the competition not only makes it fun, but it also provides an incentive for strengthening vocabulary and spelling skills. The dictionary is the weapon of choice in Scrabble, so it requires a student to become more proficient using this book.

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