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Tutoring Helps Your Child Thrive Even When Other Factors May Not Be Helping

Not many kids are instinctively good in school, most have what it takes but are not motivated enough or have not been handed the correct tools. Tutoring can help your child obtain those vital tools and be motivated to thrive in school. Today at The Tutoring Center in Friendswood we want to discuss a few internal factors that may be sabotaging your child´s learning.

Internal Factors That Affect Your Child´s Learning

  • Bad Habits. Bad habits are internal factors that create a negative response to learning. Some of these bad habits include not sleeping, not having a healthy breakfast before school. Both the amount of sleep and the quality of the sleep are important, some children may go to bed early but struggle with having quality sleep and may continuously wake up at night, others may stay asleep but only sleep a few hours and not the complete amount of hours they need to be well rested. Not having breakfast and not having nutritional food during breakfast is another way that your child´s learning is sabotaged. The lack of food before school deprives your child of the energy and nutrients the brain and body need to be able to focus and learn. Sugary foods also negatively affect the brain and body by not allowing them to pay attention due to the way sugar hormonally alters the brain.
  • Needing glasses and other special needs. There are also other internal factors that do not allow some children to comprehend or absorb the information given. Not being aware of any special needs the child may have. This can include but is not limited to, needing glasses, hearing aids, or other disabilities that can cause great disadvantages in learning. It is important to pay attention to certain cues that may hint that your child is not able to see well or hear properly. Every time they have their check up with their doctor ask that they take a look at and discard some of these special necessities your child may have.
  • Learning disabilities. Other internal factors that can cause children to struggle are learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD although there are several others these are the most known. Having a learning disability do not mean the will not be able to learn. It does however mean that their unique needs must be identified in order to provide the adequate learning environment that facilitates their learning.

Tutoring in Friendswood, Texas

One of the best ways you can help your child improve in school and in their learning is to get them the tutoring help they need. You can learn more about some of the benefits of one on one tutoring here. But do not just settle for knowing the benefits, let your child experience the incredible advantages of the best tutoring in Friendswood, today. Call us now at (281) 488-0101 and let your child learn reach their potential.


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