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Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Make sure to avoid these errors in your writing assignments.
  1. Very, really, quite (and other intensifiers) Mark Twain suggested replacing these words with expletives so your editor will remove them and leave you with a better sentence. Cut out the middle man and just remove them yourself.
  2. Had ought or hadn't ought. The auxiliary had is not necessary. You ought to leave it out.
  3. As to whether Using whether alone is sufficient.
  4. Utilize Use use when it will suffice, and the same for utilization.
  5. In terms of A completely unnecessary phrase. Eliminate it.
  6. Basically, essentially, totally These words do not add anything to the sentence. Try taking them out and see how much better it sounds.
  7. Irregardless is not a word, so do not use it.
  8. The reason why is because. This is a problem for the Department of Redundancy Department! Just say because.
  9. Kind of or sort of. Hanging with friends, these words are fine. In formal writing, use somewhat, rather, or slightly.
  10. Being that or being as These are poor substitutes for the standard because.
  11. 'Til Even bad poets avoid this word now. Just use until or till.
  12. Considered to be First, get rid of to be, and if it is not clear who is considering, delete the entire phrase.

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