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Enroll now to build the skills to ace the SAT or ACT exam.

Test preparation for the college application process can be daunting, especially, with the ever-increasing competitive nature associated with being accepted into a top-tier university. With almost 3 million students taking the SAT or ACT, it is critical to be prepared. Our SAT/ACT Program was designed with this in mind and provides every student with the essential tools needed to perform well on these critical tests.

The Tutoring Center's SAT/ACT Program is an intense 16 week course with custom One-to-One Instruction. Once enrolled, students have access to the most innovative and comprehensive materials available. We couple these cutting edge materials with the implementation of advanced testing strategies and One-to-One Instruction utilizing our certified Test Prep Instructors, some of the most skilled and trained in the industry. Upon completion of the program, each student is sure to leave us with the confidence and knowledge needed in order to perform well on these critical tests.      


Why is our SAT/ACT Test Prep Program the best?

  • Free Diagnostic Test using the real SAT or ACT
  • Comprehensive Test results pinpoint focus areas that yield the most improvement
  • Free Consultation to develop the most effective test prep strategy
  • One-to-One instruction on the skills and strategies required for a top score
  • Mastery Sessions, where students master the concepts they have been taught
  • Flexible class schedules to fit your busy schedule
  • Expert and certified SAT/ACT instructors


Not quite ready for the SAT/ACT Test Prep Program?

Not quite ready for the SAT/ACT Program? Then our SAT/ACT Foundations Program is just what you are looking for. Whether you need to bolster those foundational skills or you are a few years away from taking the SAT or ACT and are just trying to get a head start, our SAT/ACT Foundations Program will develop the skills you need to succeed on the SAT or ACT Test.

We designed the SAT/ACT Foundations Program to help build and fortify each student’s skills in order to be fully ready to progress to the next phase of their test preparation: The SAT/ACT Program.    


The SAT/ACT Foundations Program materials are ideally suited for lower-level test scorers or students looking to prepare ahead of time for the SAT or ACT - we have had students enroll as early as 8th grade to focus on SAT and ACT skill development. Furthermore, the SAT/ACT Foundations Program covers all the essential SAT and ACT skills that both tests assume students have learned, but that may be missing from standard high school curricula.

Practice questions for all concepts are provided in both SAT and ACT format, allowing students to gain familiarity with both tests as they work through the program. In all, the program provides hundreds of additional practice questions for the SAT and ACT, student-friendly key concepts and ideas relayed in a format that makes the information easily accessible for younger students and lower level scorers.

**In order to enroll in the SAT/ACT Foundations Program students must have passed Algebra and Geometry in school.
Not all of The Tutoring Center's locations offer this Program. Please contact your local center for more information on the SAT/ACT Program and alternate programs and pricing.
Your Consultation will include
  • SAT/ACT Information Packet giving an overview of each test as well as important information about test prep and our Test Prep Programs
  • Diagnostic Testing using the real SAT or ACT to identify skill gaps
  • Test Prep Consultation using test results from the Diagnostic Assessment to develop a plan of attack
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SAT/ACT Test Prep Program
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Session Times and tuition rates vary based on location.
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